A childhood dream come true


You will feel amazed to know am sure that the only and only profession that I would want to pursue is of that being a teacher, more so a school level teacher. Throughout schools I have looked up  to many of my teachers as my role-models and mentors.

I have always felt that the love, respect and adoration that a teacher receives from her students is priceless and I have always been greedy to have my own treasure of such priceless memories. B.ed is like a key to the tunnel door beyond which lies my treasure. With A B.Ed degree and the knowledge and skills that I gather here at C.I.E I will reach the end of that tunnel and embrace my dreams.

After I completed my Post Graduation in Sociology, a lot of my well-wishers advised me to delve further into the higher academic levels but I and my heart knew what I wanted to do, hence I set forward onto a voyage of establishing myself as a teacher. To become a teacher a B.Ed degree was a must and hence I am here now,at C.I.E building a bridge to reach my dream of being a PGT in Sociology. Its my goal to see my name next year in the list of faculty memebers of a good reputed school.

I hope and pray that I shall be able to do justice to my profession and reach the zenith of success in the field that I have chosen for myself.

Getting To know Ahana


Well, introducing ones own self is perhaps the most herculian task that one can be expected to perform.

Let me try and introduce myself to you all, Hi,I am Ahana Dey, although my blog name reads Chandni (which is my pet name).

I am a bengali girl, born and brought up in Kolkata, the city of joy, similarly i love spreading joy, happiness and laughter into the lives of the people who matter to me..and to whom I matter!

I am a postgraduate in Sociology from the Presidency University, Kolkata. Before that I have done my Graduation in Sociology (honours) from St.Xavier`s College (autonomous), Kolkata under the Calcutta University. I have done my schooling from G.D Birla Centre For Education. I pursued Humanities at the Plus II level. It is at this juncture that I fell in love with Sociology and since then i’ve been in a committed relationship with Sociology. 

Now, currently I am pursuing my B.Ed from Asia`s top most Teacher training institute Central Institute of Education, Delhi university. I feel so fortunate and blessed to be apart of this institution. my method subjects are Sociology and Social Sciences.

We made this blog via ourTaps class which is a apart of our curriculum here at C.I. E

Taps classes are an eye opener as it will help us become even more adaptable with our computers. we have just began our classes, hoping and looking forward to many many more enlightening computer related knowledge and facts.

I guess thats enough for now, i’ll sign off.

Catch you soon.

Keeping blogging!!